A Garang Mixture of 
Trail, Footpath & Road
Head straight (upslope) from the start.  Do not take the path on the right.

Downslope after this.  Avoid these poles, unless you're extremely Garang.

Downslope.  Get ready to turn right.

Turn right, past the white/black gate, to head towards the trail.
The reservoir/zig-zag bridge will be on your right.

Head straight along the trail towards the Fitness Centre B.  
Do not turn right onto the wooden boardwalk.
T-junction straight ahead.  Standby to turn left at the T-Junction.
The Fitness Corner 'B' will be on your right just before the T-Junction.

Fitness Corner 'B' will be on your right, just before the T-Junction.

T-Junction.  Turn left to head to Lornie Road towards the Finish..
Heading to Lornie Road.

Exiting the trail to Lornie Road.  Turn left here, following the PCN sign on the footpath.

Follow this footpath beside Lornie Road towards the end of the loop/finish.

Turn left along the footpath to head to the finish.  The gate will be on your right.

Follow the footpath on the left to head to the finish.

Head straight towards the finish.  Do not turn left or you'll miss the finish line.