2018 Group Photo at Start
13 Jan 2018 (3rd Edition)
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Most Garang Warrior
Law Chor Kin (Hong Kong)
Distance: 104km (26 laps) **NEW RECORD**
Time: 11hr 34min 15sec

Brenda Fong (Singapore)
Distance: 84km (21 laps)
Time: 11hr 37min 16sec

20 May 2017
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Most Garang Warrior
Yong Yuen Cheng (Singapore)
Distance: 88km (22 laps)
Time: 11hr 15min 59sec 

Thricey Leow (Singapore)
Distance: 84km (21 laps)
Time: 11hr 49min 2sec

1 May 2016
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Most Garang Warrior
Tobias Frenz (Germany)
Distance: 100km (20 laps)
Time: 11hr 44min 3sec

Faith Tan (Singapore)
Distance: 85km (17 laps)
Time: 11hr 11min 27sec

The 4th (Mathias Ogier) was unable to be in this photo
Top 5 Males
  1. Tobias Frenz - 100km in 11hr 44min 3sec
  2. Yong Yuen Cheng - 90km in 11hr 47min 58sec
  3. Sam Gibbins - 85km in 11hr 33min 58sec
  4. Mathias Ogier - 80km in 11hr 20min 25sec
  5. Jason Foo - 80km in 11hr 28min 28sec

Top 5 Females
  1. Faith Tan - 85km in 11hr 11min 27sec
  2. Katannya Kapeli - 85km in 11hr 19min 57sec
  3. Thricey Leow - 80km in 11hr 40min 8sec
  4. Nancy Chan - 65km in 11hr 17min 36sec
  5. Tan Hong Chew - 65km in 11hr 23min 39sec